COVID-19 update from CEO Ed Curtis


Dear valued patients,

As many of you know, we had our first drive-through COVID-19 vaccine clinic this past Sunday. We were able to provide the initial dose of the COVID-19 vaccination to more than 1,000 patients 75 years of age and older. Although the weather was dreary, spirits were high, as the event was a success and has resulted in additional allocations of vaccines for Summit. We will continue to coordinate vaccine clinics to ensure our high-risk patients are able to get their initial dose as soon as possible.

After fielding multiple questions regarding the definition of “high-risk,” I feel it is important to clarify the category of patients this encompasses. According to the CDC, patients that are 70 years of age and older are considered “high-risk,” meaning priority is given to these individuals when administering vaccines to our patients. We understand that there are additional categories and definitions of “high-risk” patients that exist outside of this age group, but at this time, we are focusing on our most elderly patients. We will continue to schedule these patients from oldest to youngest in the 70+ age category until all have been provided the opportunity to receive the vaccine.

It is also important to remember that because we are receiving limited numbers of vaccines, Summit Medical Group is scheduling patients for the clinic by reaching out to each patient directly, according to age, until 100% of the vaccines are accounted for. In order to attend the clinic and receive a vaccine, patients must have an appointment scheduled.

We are thrilled that Summit Medical Group has finally begun receiving COVID-19 vaccine allocations and feel privileged to be able to provide this vital service to our patients. Thank you for your patience and trust in us as we continue to move as quickly and effectively as possible to achieve our goal of having all patients vaccinated. It is an honor to be your healthcare provider of choice.


Stay safe and be well,

Ed Curtis

CEO, Summit Medical Group